Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How to Delete Cookies


1.       Go to the Control Bar at the top of your browser and click on “Tools”.
2.       Click on “Internet options”.
3.       Hit "delete", where it says "delete temporary files, history, cookies, saved passwords and web information
4.       Click “delete cookies”
5.      When it says “are you sure you want to delete all cookies in the Temporary Internet Files Folder?”, click “yes”.



1.      Go to the control bar at the top of your Firefox browser and click “Tools”.
2.      Click “options”
3.      Go to Privacy -> Show Cookies
4.      When a pop-up box named “cookies” appears, scroll down until you see a folder that  says “facebook.com”, click “remove cookie.
5.      (Alternatively, you can also click on “remove all cookies”).


  1. Go to the control bar at the top of your Chrome browser and click the little spanner icon in the top right hand side of your page.
  2. Click “options”.
  3. Chrome will take you to a settings page in your Chrome browser which lists a series of options down the left hand side of the page including “Basics”, “Personal Stuff” and “Under the Hood”.
  4. Click on “Under the Hood”.
  5. Click “clear browsing data”.
  6. A pop up menu will appear. Select “from the beginning of time” from a dropdown menu that says “Obliterate the following items from”.
  7. Select the box which says “delete cookies and other site plug-in data”
  8. Click “clear browsing data”.

Adapted from this article.
Image courtesy - infocarnivore.com 

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