Monday, February 21, 2011

Mr. FATE & his timing

Why does everything seem to go wrong at exactly the perfect moment? Exactly when something is NOT supposed to happen, it happens. There could have been a million other things that could have gone wrong. But NO. This had to happen NOW!
I could have listed out a number of other things, which even if went wrong, I wouldn’t give a damn. But Mr. FATE (Fearfully Atrocious Timing for Everything), HAD to intervene at exactly the wrong time. Couldn’t he have just sat back and relaxed while we all carried on coolly with our lives. What reason does he have to be the party spoiler? Its not exactly that I have some kind of unfulfilled business with him or something.
I know it seems am writing with LOTS of emotions. Well, yes. You would be bang right on that. Found a new kind of solace in writing. Don’t go about jamming my emotions into other people’s brain anymore. Hell no! They have problems of their own to suffer with. But hey, I leave them alone then why doesn’t Mr. FATE leave me alone too?
Hope Mr. FATE reads this article and finally decides not to intervene with my life at the wrong time. Rest any time, he’s as welcome as the Ice-Cream Man in the summer heat.
Oh…. Forgot to say what actually happened. Nothing much. Except that the junior to whom I had given both my Lab Fair Records, lost it, and he has no idea whatsoever about where they went. Almost as if they teleported without saying goodbye.
And did I mention I have Lab Exams soon?.... No?....  Well, now you know!....

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Greatest Comedian

Have you ever wondered who's the best comedian out there? The one with the best sense of humour?...
I sure have. Many at times. Always thought of who's the one who has mastered the art. Acting, singing, dancing- are all skills in their own accord. But humour. Its an art within an art.
Its not just about the sense of humour. Its about the timing. The situation. The execution...
And it wasnt until I was the subject of a number of jokes that i found my answer. It was a professional at work. The situation- perfect. Timing- impeccable. Execution- sharp as a razor's edge.
It was then that I stood in awe of the one. I had been a fool not to know the answer before. Who else could come up with timing as perfect as time itself? Who else could have a better sense of humour than the one who made it? 
Who else could be the master comedian but God himself......

I had found my answer..... The hard way...

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Beginning

Taking inspiration from a real good friend of mine, I thought rather not to restrict my thoughts to just images. Though a picture may speak a thousand words.... some things are better written down than picturized.
Starting today (well, it had to be some day), I introduce a new column in my Kreationz - "24 Hours".
Not a daily stuff. But a small place where i can transform my thoughts to words.... In a never ending journey ahead...