Tuesday, May 17, 2011

04:29 PM - 11th May 2011

09:15 AM
Walk down the same old familiar path I have been walking through for the past 4 years, towards college. Am supposed to feel odd. Feel different. But nothing. Two of my friends beside me share what’s there in their heart. Wish I could do the same… Only problem is that even I don’t know how am feeling….

09:30 AM
Reach my class to find it filled with lots of balloons and lots of bubbly hearted people. Everyone has already started writing and scribbling down their thoughts and words on each other’s shirts. Looks good. I decide to join the fun. Take out my latest idea in the book- a brush and four bottles of poster paint. Its time….

09:45 AM
My camera somewhere else, am busy painting out my “symbolic Vj” on everyone… Start off with my first bottle of yellow. By the time the bottle is finished, I’ve hardly made my mark everywhere… Looks like the perfect time to bring out Bottle two!

11:00 AM
This looks good… Everyone’s shirt is filled with different forms of graffiti art… But who cares. Its not exactly that we’ll be needing those shirts for a better use. THIS IS the best use we ever made out of it!! And I see everyone having a bright yellow Vj on their heart… That too looks promising. Atleast I made my mark where I really wanted to…

12:00 PM
With everyone inching into the littlest of little space they could find, all of us sit and watch the class video. A trailer of how the 4 year long movie went on without any commercials, with a full house all the time…

12:30 PM
The TCS placed people treat us with their Chicken Biriyani lunch. Probably the last time we all would be having a lunch together (unless the department is kind enough to give us a farewell. But well I guess thats too much imagination on my part!)

01:30 PM
The “yellow Vj” is being coated with an in-design of red. A few of the people are busy with retests and filling out the condonation forms. As for the rest of them, its time for more and more graffiti art.

02:30 PM
Though the day was filled with on-spot photo sessions, the official photo session and get together begins. All of us sit around, singing off, talking crap, shouting….. Feels good to see everyone enjoying together. Lots of nonsense talk, lots of comments… But who minds? Because somewhere, someplace deep inside everyone’s mind, everyone knows this is the last time we’ll be doing this together….

04:00 PM
Almost everyone has looked at their watch atleast a dozen times in the past half an hour. Nothing different as compared to what we have been doing for the past 4 years. The action is the same. Intent – different. Before we used to stare at the watch, wishing it would move faster. Wishing time would be kind enough to increase its speed. But today, it’s a different story altogether. Everyone’s wishing that not just the watch, but the whole calendar would rewind. Cursing the second hand for its speed. Blaming the minute hand for helping the hour hand move forward….

04:29 PM
I stare at my watch. Not sure about what I should do. Not sure whether stopping my watch would help me stop time altogether. The events of the day form clouds in my mind. The memories of last four years are clear, yet fade away deeper…. I watch my friends sitting and singing. Having fun. Close my eyes to try and focus on the laughter and cheer I have been hearing a lot for the past couple of hours. Feel like imprinting that moment and the sounds into my mind forever. Feel scared opening my eyes again. Scared of the fact that when I open them next, it might all be over. It might just become a memory like all that has happened so far. A memory, as exactly how the first day of college felt. A memory, of all the times I laughed with my friends. A memory, of all the things that fill my mind with more memories…
Amidst those thoughts, amidst those moments, I don’t even hear the sound of the bell ringing… All I hear is the sound of friendship. With the laughter and smiles increasing around me, I feel a drop rolling down my cheeks…. Still scared to open my eyes again….


  1. annitrem karyangal undayi ennu njan arinjilla...

  2. karthika warrierMay 19, 2011 at 9:43 PM

    touching...i dun wan college to end..:(( kaash we cud just "london statue" time....