Saturday, March 5, 2011


Thoughts. Form a important part of both our self and how we view the world.

Thoughts. Decide our attitude. Towards self and towards others.

Thoughts. Decide whether we are happy or live our life in tears….

Thoughts…. 8 letters. Just 8, simple letters. And yet they convey so much. What we think of a situation. How we perceive things. How we conclude stuff. How we take decisions. How we break relations….

YET. No one cares to stop for a second and actually think about what they are thinking. No one cares to spend time with their thoughts. No one even cares to think about what they themselves actually want. Everything’s on an impulse. There’s no thought.

Then why even the concept of “thoughts”? Why care about something no one actually cares about. Why shield oneself behind the cover of thoughts?....
Well, that’s what humans are programmed to do. That’s what humans do best. Jump to decisions. Jump to conclusions. When something needs to be done fast, no thoughts. Just action upon impulse. And its only when he sits alone, silence as his only company, that he gives his thoughts some thought. He actually cares about what he wants. About what’s going on in his mind. Its not for the sake of respecting himself or his thoughts. Its just because he has nothing else to think about. Its more like an option at first. And slowly becomes a consolation prize to those who lose the race….

Finally everyone would just say thoughts are nonsense. Stuff of the past. Just like the stuff you have read above…. But just sit back and think for a second. When was the last time you gave your thoughts a thought?.….

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